OCTOBER 17 - NOVEMBER 3 , 2002

Gorilla Theatre Productions takes a hard look at
life during wartime with its showcase productions of
'Mother Courage and Her Children' by Bertolt Brecht.
Brecht's masterpiece follows Mother Courage during
Germany's Thirty Years War as she struggles to keep her
children alive and immune from the war's effects. Her
livelihood depends on the unending war that she follows
from battle to battle, pulling a wagon loaded with
merchandise that she sells to soldiers. Interspersed with
dramatic songs and vignettes, Brecht gives us a chronicle
from the Thirty Years War that reflects on our lives today.
The play has become especially timely, according to director Ernest L. Williams.
"We now stand on the brink of war, with our governmental leadership calling on
patriotism, nationalism, and loyalty; it is important to be reminded of the effects of
war whatever the outcome. 'Mother Courage' examines those effects and shows that
war does not solve problems, it is a show of force or cunning, and the better or
"right" doesn't always win; or as Brecht says, ' the common man won't benefit.'"
'Mother Courage' was written at the outbreak of
World War II in 1939 while Brecht was in
self-imposed exile in Sweden. He hoped the
play would be a cautionary tale advising
Scandinavian countries to stay out of the war.
The play was first produced in Zurich in 1941.
Brecht originally left Germany in 1933 after
Hitler came to power and only returned after
the war.
Original Music Numbers:

The Song of Mother Courage
Death Theme Underscore
The Song of the Girl and the Soldier
The Song of Fraternization
The Song of the Hours
The Song of Great Capitulation
The Bar Scene
The Song of Mother Courage (Reprise)
The Enlistment Song
The Song of Solomon
The Farmhouse Duet
P r e s e n t e d     B y  :
Gail Bronfman Bunch stars as Mother Courage
along with Charles Christesson, Shamika
Franklin, Taylor Gass, Joseph Griffin, Jacquie
Hernandez, Jeanetta Hobley, Ry Kincaid, Carol
Leighton, Tyler Miller, Shannon Peery,
Leonard West, Charles White, and Angela
Zieber. 'Mother Courage' is directed by Ernest
L. Williams and features an original musical
score composed by Daniel A. Doss.